Accurate & Automated Email Validation for Klaviyo

We understand how much effort you put into your emails, which is why we help you to make sure they land in the inbox with our 99% accurate email verification tool.

Typical businesses see 80% less Klaviyo bounce rates

Make sure your emails reach the inbox

Reduce Bounce Rate

Kleanify automatically checks new subscribers in your Klaviyo account and efficiently cleans the spam traps, hard bounces, disposable or catch-all emails.

Improve Deliverability

Kleanify helps you to maintain a clean list and prevents you from sending to bad emails which can harm your deliverability.

How Does Kleanify Verify Emails?

Continually sending emails to invalid emails increases bounce rate & signals to email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) that you are not a reputable sender. Eventually, these providers will begin placing your emails in the spam folder.

Native integration with Klaviyo

Kleanify is the only email verifier built specifically for Klaviyo. With its deep integration to Klaviyo, Kleanify can automatically perform the verification & cleaning.

Identifies new subscribers

As soon as you connect your Klaviyo account, Kleanify starts identifying new subscribers. You get the option of configuring a specific list to check.

Automatically verifies emails

As soon as a new subscriber is identified in Klaviyo, Kleanify starts performing email validation to check for invalid, expired, disposable or spam trap emails.

Automatically cleans

Bad emails are immediately suppressed and emails from your Klaviyo account are immediately stopped to those emails thus preventing hard bounces.

Must have tool for Klaviyo success

Increase your email ROI and become a reputable sender in the eyes of email providers.

Stop worrying about emails hard bouncing

Increase your engagement on emails, improve your reputation, decrease your costs all without impacting your revenues.

Klaviyo email verification made easy

You can get started risk-free in just a few clicks.

No questions asked refund policy