Klaviyo list cleaning super powered

Automatically Clean your Klaviyo account regularly to reduce costs while improving deliverability and performance.

Typical businesses see around 40% Klaviyo cost reduction

Reduce cost immediately

Kleanify automatically identifies unengaged subscribers in your Klaviyo account and efficiently cleans them weekly to save costs without impacting your revenues.

Improve deliverability

Kleanify helps you to maintain a clean list and prevents you from sending to unengaged subscribers which can possibly harm your deliverability.

How Does Kleanify Regularly Clean Your Lists?

Continually sending emails to subscribers who never open or click them signals to email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) that you are not a reputable sender. Eventually, these providers will begin placing your emails in the spam folder.

Setup a recommended segment

Kleanify suggests you to setup a dynamic segment in your Klaviyo account to identify unengaged subscribers based on best practices.

Identifies unengaged subscribers

You enter the segment ID in Kleanify once and it regularly identifies subscribers who are inactive and unengaged.

Cleans the subscribers

Kleanify natively integrates with your Klaviyo account to suppress those profiles regularly to keep it clean always. Klaviyo stops charging you for these subscribers.

Subscribers remain in account

Profiles are suppressed (not deleted) and their data remain in your account. If they re-engage with your business in future, they are automatically activated.

Must have tool for Klaviyo success

Increase your email ROI and become a reputable sender in the eyes of email providers.

Stop spamming people who don’t want to hear from you

Increase your engagement on emails, improve your reputation, decrease your costs all without impacting your revenues.

Klaviyo cleaning made easy

You can get started risk-free in just a few clicks.

No questions asked refund policy